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Bitcoin Pool - Earn Bitcoin

Getting Started With Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been making waves in the tech industry for a while now, however only a limited number of people actually understand what it is and how it works.

If you're new to Bitcoin, here's a brief overview of how to get started:

Do your Research

Before you begin using Bitcoin, educate yourself on how the process works. The concept can be difficult to understand but in order to make transactions securely you'll need to do your research and learn as much as you can about cryptocurrencies.

Pick your Wallet

Picking a Bitcoin wallet shouldn't take much time at all. Bitcoin wallets are offered for free for most devices and operating systems.

You can either install apps on your mobile for everyday payments or you can get a wallet to make online transactions using your computer.

Earn Bitcoin

There are two ways of getting Bitcoin. You can get them in exchange of goods/services you offer or you can buy them with traditional currency.

Spend Bitcoin

Bitcoin is being accepted by service provides from all over the globe. You can pay them in Bitcoin instead of traditional currency.

Accepting Bitcoin in Exchange Of Goods/Services

Thinking of using Bitcoin in business? Here's what you need to know:

Using Bitcoin in Business

Businesses can function as usual when they use Bitcoin; there's no need to make changes to the business model or hardware. With that being said, businesses are advised to educate themselves before they begin using them.

Processing Payments

Most businesses using Bitcoin will allow customers to pay via a tablet at the POS counter or using their mobile devices.

Accounting & Taxes

Bitcoin operates like foreign currency. For information on tax compliance in your state, get in touch with an experienced accountant who is familiar with Bitcoin.

Gaining visibility

There are plenty of users worldwide that are looking for businesses that accept Bitcoin in exchange for products and services. You can register as a business that uses Bitcoin in online directories and use the Bitcoin logo on your website to let users know that they have the option of paying you via Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Pool

Bitcoin Pool is a peer-to-peer fundraising platform that enables our members to develop a solid donor base. Our foolproof matrix ensures that our members enjoy increasing profits month after month.